Excellence and Consistency

I was in Vicenza for the first Colin Campbell European Seminar.

C. Campbell has done the great research on health and nutrition, and has written the Best Seller “The China Study”.

He is the exemple that the Christian D. Larson sentence: ” Believe in yourself and all that you are. Know that there is something inside you that is greater than any obstacle.”, is true.

A grat man that, started from the assumption that the animal proteins could solve child nutrition problems, when his research had point out a completely different reality, had the consistency going on with his research, even if this was uncomfortable for many and different from his beliefs. 

He has found the relationship between deseases and nutrition and how to prevent and solve these desases with food.

He was unstoppable.

His passion was stronger then any obstacoles.

This single man was even stronger then the economic power og meat and pharmaceutical industry and we have the chance to have this amasing reaserch in pur hands.

I honour this man that was always true to himself and to which he believed.

I wanted to share with you his story to tell you:

” believe in yourself and in all what you are. You can shape your Life”.


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2 comments on “Excellence and Consistency
  1. Elena Castiglione says:

    Anch’io ho avuto il privilegio di esserci e poter ascoltare dal vivo ciò che ha appassionato il Dott. Campbell e catalizzato le sue ricerche. Nella mia personale esperienza ho potuto vivere in famiglia l’importanza e la concreta e reale possibilità che, grazie all’alimentazione, si può anche guarire da malattie considerate “incurabili”..Quindi posso solo condividere il motto di questo articolo – ““Sappi che dentro di te c’è una forza più grande di qualsiasi ostacolo. Credi in te stesso ed in ciò che sei” – é assolutamente così!

    • Donatella Agrizzi says:

      Grazie Elena della tua testimonianza di valore e per aver condiviso la tua personale esperienza di donna e professionista.

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