90 day’s challenging and UPW: Be a powerful Leader!

I have been thinking about next week UPW London, about the specific goals I want to reach during it and about connect the 90 day’s challenging standad with UPW and UPW goals looking for a way they can serve each other.

My three new standard in these 90 days are

A) My energy and physical condition

B) My emotions and relationship

C) My mission

How can I connect them?

If some of you have already done the same connection I’d love if you could share your experience, thank you :)

If you are in London for UPW I ask for your support and feed back: help me to be and act, please.

This is a post I have done expecial for Leaders living a challenging or the 90 day’s challenging, but if you can share something you are welcome.

This is the point:

A) UPW is a very good test to check how is my energy level. More clean and clear energy I have, more I can serve in a smooth passionate way… At the same time UPW is always a good way to increase the energy level I can use during and after the event.

B) I have been cultivating my positive emotions and appling to myself different pattern interrupt, I feel powered and free and I want to bring to UPW the openess I’m living right now and I want to do it from the very first moment I’m there.

C) In these two months I have been practising my English and step 1-2-3 of the seven master steps, so I have the chance to practice even more and to check where I’m.

I can use connection, understanding and appreciation to serve better and leverege to be more effective when necessary.

I have the chance to listen and see others doing the same one more time and to bring what is good for me with a different clearity and focus.

As Leader what are you ready to do in your life?

Which challenging are you living right now?

Do you have somebody supporting you during the process or you can share with?

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2 comments on “90 day’s challenging and UPW: Be a powerful Leader!
  1. Lisa says:

    Good post.
    I’m very spoiled that website. Plenty of helpful information here. If you’re interested in UPW tickets come to find our site.

    • Donatella Agrizzi says:

      Thank you Lisa.
      Thank you for telling me
      I’m a Tony’s SL and I’m going to be there for sure! Are you going to be there as well?

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