What’s communication? Why Communicate?

Watching the great communicators I’ve been realizing communication is like water nourishing the plants of relationships.
Nourishing the relationship with ouselves first, with our emotions and our identity and then with others.

Communications makes the difference between a world of suffering and misunderstanding and a green valley of synergie and collaboration giving you the results you deserve.
A world that is changing my life, building true and positive relationship trasnforming or eliminating the superficial relationships.
A wonderful world a need to share with people around me.

Last year I had been doing some workshops at the Treviso’s Councils .
This year I’m going to give some drops’ communication around the north of Italy to inspire and spread it like Vicenza, Verona, Trento, Bergamo, Lecco, Milano, Belluno, Rovigo, Udine and Pordenone.

A small tour, some communication’s drops to nourish the plants of relationships around me.

These events are recognized by the Lawier organization.
I’m proud the lawier organization is realizing lawiers need to communicate and build a win-win mind set serving not only the clients but the hole system.

I’m confident these presents will be appreciate not only by lawier getting some credits having fun, but from people that wants to creare a better world to live.

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  1. Barbatellaio says:

    Oggettivamente un fantasticoarticolo. Leggo
    con interesse il blog Proseguite con questo piglio.

    vai verso questo sito

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