WERE CHALLENGES MEET MAGIC: leader of yourself and to inspire others… maybe

Were challenges meet magic :) you have the chance to become the leader of yourself and to inspired others
Yesterday I did a morning seminar to some teenagers… I was supposed to speack to 60 people and when I was there I was told they were 90 teenagers plus some adults…
It was a challenging moment: a big croud of teenagers for me!
“Gosh! It’s a lot!” I was thinking…
Then I start thinking that each of them was an human being I had the chance to inspire, I begin focusing on having fun with them and build the curiosity about comunication…
The energy was increasing (thank you to the preparation I have had with my coach Suzie, too!) and the magic start happening: They were fully partecipating, asking questions, saying their opinions and feeling, smiling and practising together… Beautiful, pure harmony blooming.
They are so powerful and just need the adults believe in them and their potential. We could remember this every day…
At the end of the morning they were coming to me to speak more and give me a feed back.
C., a smiling beautiful girl told me: “Thank you. You understand me perfectly, it’s beautiful to feel to be understood.”
I’m blessed from you guys, thank you so much.
And thank you Tony to inspire us to inspire others.
Everybody need a source of inspirationa and a way to inspire and lead others to feel the magic in challenges…
How are you inspired?
Who are you inspiring?
Why? :)

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