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 Take advantage of a free life coaching session in order to try out and get an idea of its usefulness and effectiveness, which you’ll gleen right from the beginning, through the support of the leader coach. Here you can read the stories of some of the people who have decided to take me on as their ally and who, with expert guidance and support, have achieved their goals.

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Whay people are saying

“I have had the privilege of working with Donatella as my health coach, she is fantastic. Donatella consistently review my goals and supports me throughout their implementation. Donatella is great at keeping clients accountable. She is a fabulous source of information and a coach who really cares for her clients.”
Lola Bandana, director and SEO at Multilanguages, Toronto, Canada

Donatella has surprising power. I have left her feeling inspired and empowered. She is highly intuitive and has a strong understanding of how people are motivated. Simply by asking wise questions and using innovative techniques she helped me to be able to see the truth and work through difficult problems.
Candyce Trotter interior designer, O’ Fallon, Illinois, USA

Three are the characteristic those can describe Donatella as a coach:
Presence, she is there when you need her.
Passion, she speak directly to your heart.
Professionalism, her aim of growing allows her to be ready in each situation.
Thanks to her guide, I had the chance to discover one more time the magic of emotions, my spirit essence, my body strenght, my mind power.
An extraordinary guide during my trip throught success. Thanks, thanks, thanks.
Paolo Torregrossa, Business Coach Trainer and director of “Gruppo Professionale”

My name is Sandra Franzelli, I have 46 years old, since the last 25 years I own and direct the restaurant “carpe diem” together with my brother. I have realized from the beginning Donatella’s value; She surprise me every day for her resources: she is able to direct, focus e bring me to my goals effectively with her questions and strategies. I have organized new parties and events at my restaurant, , with her support and help, just in three months. I have started an English and a computer course and I have finally succeded in selling my wooden paintings of sacred arts, after years of trying without success. Finally, like a magic, I’m on television with an incredibile paintings’ selling, just in three months, I repeat. The TV program has confirmed my spot for one year. Thank you Donatella for believing in me.

.... I believe my feminin power can just explode disruptive. And more… My identity has come to knoch at my consciousness: I have remind my università curriculum, the pride and satisfaction for all the steps I have done from 1996 till today have reinforced my self esteem. It’s incredible, it’s like I had forgotten all those memories, I had let their Energy got dry like a dried flower!! From now I want to remember every day those goals Donatella, like a mantra.
- Frida dal Din lawier, Asolo

“I have always handed responsibility over to others for the emptiness I felt inside. Then I thought back on what we spoke about and I understood: “Blaming others and feeling sorry for ourselves prevents us from taking responsibility for our lives.”
Thanks for the help that you give me.” - Franca, company director
“Dear Donatella,
Today I saw a client, who hadn't paid me for a year. Obviously he wanted me to knock something off the invoice. With a calmness that I have never before had, I explained that the sum due was already favourable and I didn't give in. I didn't get myself worked up either; in fact I stayed calm with the full knowledge of what I am worth. Thanks Coach!” - Francesca, lawyer