Coaching on-line


Born out of the needs of those who lead busy lives and have diaries which are brimming with appointments, it is ideal for those who wish to eliminate time-wasting, for those who travel a lot, or travel abroad and for those who are forced to make last-second trips.
Dynamic and flexible, it can also be used as a resource during unforeseen events, and in situations where you can carve out some time, like during delays or when staying a hotel, which are nowadays designed for this service all over.
The visual connection ensures good communication and means that you can make yourself understood properly, even if you are someone who prefers face-to-face meetings.
On-line life coaching is nowadays the normal practice for life coaching carried out in the United States and Great Britain. In Italy leadercoach is one of the few professional pioneers which has come into line with the needs and new rhythms of our social and working lives.