Who is Donatella Agrizzi


Donatella Agrizzi was brought up in a rich and stimulating environment where excellence and achieving brilliant results were considered the norm.

Used to being a leader and inspiring others, she soon understood that these are gifts which you are not only born with but that can be learnt and that, in order to keep them and consolidate them, need to be constantly practised with dedication.

Her ability to understand and knock down hurdles which blocked her path, applying excellence like CANI, (constant and never-ending improvement), above all in her every-day life, and developing her strengths, together with her ability to identify the specific resources and excellence of every person who turns to her, have allowed her to become the Leaders’ coach, where what you do is the expression of what your are.

Donatella is the perfect ally for those who want to get the best out of themselves day in day out, if you want to tap into and take advantage of your resources effectively and efficiently, identify areas which can be developed or improved upon or limits to be overcome in order to achieve your goals and live a life of excellence, taking on responsibility for your life with passion and commitment.

Donatella’s path towards excellence is a continuing quest in challenging herself and exchanging views with other Leaders.

At the same time, ever since she was a child she has dedicated herself to deep soul searching, which has enabled her to tap into her most precious and genuine resources.

The objectification of this inner path is represented by “Armonia Dinamica”, which she founded in 2010 in order to satisfy those seeking to deepen their knowledge of topics related to personal and spiritual growth and broadly speaking to the realm of energy.

A person’s energy and the way he or she is able to use it is the link between these two worlds, representing Donatella in her entirety.