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(Italiano) PILLOLE DI COMUNICAZIONE X AVVOCATI E NON SOLO – Le parole che uccidono la comunicazione

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What’s communication? Why Communicate?

Watching the great communicators I’ve been realizing communication is like water nourishing the plants of relationships.
Nourishing the relationship with ouselves first, with our emotions and our identity and then with others.

Communications makes the difference between a world of suffering and misunderstanding and a green valley of synergie and collaboration giving you the results you deserve.
A world that is changing my life, building true and positive relationship trasnforming or eliminating the superficial relationships.
A wonderful world a need to share with people around me.

Last year I had been doing some workshops at the Treviso’s Councils .
This year I’m going to give some drops’ communication around the north of Italy to inspire and spread it like Vicenza, Verona, Trento, Bergamo, Lecco, Milano, Belluno, Rovigo, Udine and Pordenone.

A small tour, some communication’s drops to nourish the plants of relationships around me.

These events are recognized by the Lawier organization.
I’m proud the lawier organization is realizing lawiers need to communicate and build a win-win mind set serving not only the clients but the hole system.

I’m confident these presents will be appreciate not only by lawier getting some credits having fun, but from people that wants to creare a better world to live.

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I’m back from the Global Business Forum, where leaders from different areas had been speaking: Felix Baumgartner, the man jumping from 40.000 meters, Steve Wozniack, the Apple cofondator ,Oliver Stone the famous movies director,  Sandy Carter, one of the most famous business ladies in the world… And many others.

Each of them had given me something unique and I’d love to share some of this special moments with you.

Simon Sinek is a trained ethnographer able to translate his studies for the leaders.

What has been so inspiring for me? His connection between our behaviours and the body chimical.

As yoga teacher I already knew about it, but He was giving a new meanig to the reasons why we are doing what we are doing.

The acknowledgement from others, the esteem and appreciation, stimulate the seratonin production from the body: Leaders are moved to reach the excellence  to endorse the seratonin production too!

And Leaders with their guide, at the same time guarantee to their people the ossitocin body production, that contrasts the negative habits and let you have a longer and happier life.

From here the reason why leaders eat last:

The leadership is a responsability: it’s not for free. You eat first because you  guarantee stability to your pack expecting you defend it from danger.

So a Marines tradition makes the commanders eat last even if they can and could eat first; they decide to wait and stay in the back of the line as demostration they take care of their people.

But, in case there is no more food left, each soldier is ready to give to their Leaders their food to confirm the fact that Leaders need to have food and energy guaranted, for everyone benefit.

What this story is telling you?

Do you agree?

In which way are you living this principle in your life, if you are living it?

Share it please :)

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(Italiano) I GIOVANI… quali risorse? Ho un trucco ;)

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WERE CHALLENGES MEET MAGIC: leader of yourself and to inspire others… maybe

Were challenges meet magic :) you have the chance to become the leader of yourself and to inspired others
Yesterday I did a morning seminar to some teenagers… I was supposed to speack to 60 people and when I was there I was told they were 90 teenagers plus some adults…
It was a challenging moment: a big croud of teenagers for me!
“Gosh! It’s a lot!” I was thinking…
Then I start thinking that each of them was an human being I had the chance to inspire, I begin focusing on having fun with them and build the curiosity about comunication…
The energy was increasing (thank you to the preparation I have had with my coach Suzie, too!) and the magic start happening: They were fully partecipating, asking questions, saying their opinions and feeling, smiling and practising together… Beautiful, pure harmony blooming.
They are so powerful and just need the adults believe in them and their potential. We could remember this every day…
At the end of the morning they were coming to me to speak more and give me a feed back.
C., a smiling beautiful girl told me: “Thank you. You understand me perfectly, it’s beautiful to feel to be understood.”
I’m blessed from you guys, thank you so much.
And thank you Tony to inspire us to inspire others.
Everybody need a source of inspirationa and a way to inspire and lead others to feel the magic in challenges…
How are you inspired?
Who are you inspiring?
Why? :)

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90 day’s challenging and UPW: Be a powerful Leader!

I have been thinking about next week UPW London, about the specific goals I want to reach during it and about connect the 90 day’s challenging standad with UPW and UPW goals looking for a way they can serve each other.

My three new standard in these 90 days are

A) My energy and physical condition

B) My emotions and relationship

C) My mission

How can I connect them?

If some of you have already done the same connection I’d love if you could share your experience, thank you :)

If you are in London for UPW I ask for your support and feed back: help me to be and act, please.

This is a post I have done expecial for Leaders living a challenging or the 90 day’s challenging, but if you can share something you are welcome.

This is the point:

A) UPW is a very good test to check how is my energy level. More clean and clear energy I have, more I can serve in a smooth passionate way… At the same time UPW is always a good way to increase the energy level I can use during and after the event.

B) I have been cultivating my positive emotions and appling to myself different pattern interrupt, I feel powered and free and I want to bring to UPW the openess I’m living right now and I want to do it from the very first moment I’m there.

C) In these two months I have been practising my English and step 1-2-3 of the seven master steps, so I have the chance to practice even more and to check where I’m.

I can use connection, understanding and appreciation to serve better and leverege to be more effective when necessary.

I have the chance to listen and see others doing the same one more time and to bring what is good for me with a different clearity and focus.

As Leader what are you ready to do in your life?

Which challenging are you living right now?

Do you have somebody supporting you during the process or you can share with?

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WHERE FOCUS GOES, ENERGY FLOWS – Become leader of yourself

Where focus goes, energy flows… I Love this sentenceTony’s Robbins and others great leaders often say.

And it’s so true when they say that what are you looking for, become your reality.

Are you aware and do you understand what’s is going on inside you?
Check it for a moment…
Think about something you want to achieve:
Are you focusing on what you want or on what you fear could stop you or could appen?
Which is the feeling and the energy level you have when you are focusing on what you want?
Do you have a good energy? Does it feels good?
Which is the feeling and the energy level you have when you are focusing on your fears?
Is your energy decreasing?
Do it now!

Is it the same? Or there is a difference?

The difference you can experiment is that when you focus on what you want you are enjoying the expectation and preparing yourself to get it, but when you are focusing in what you fear, this fear comes in yours cells, decrease your energy and does it’s best to sabotage you…
You need a lot of energy to act when the fear is eating your determination.
And act with enthusiasm at this point it’s really difficult.

So each time you want something take a moment to understand where is your focus and which is the energy level that is connected with taht specific focus. Do you need to change it? Do you need to add something or it’s just perfect for you?

Share your experience, please.

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